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[edit: About twice as fast on a desktop machine. ps1:4 char:10 + $array[$ <<<< i] = $FALSE 4,781123846 tell us what you re trying to accomplish and maybe we ll be able to provide you a better idiomatic PowerShell answer. Your use of Stack Overflow’s Products and Services, including the Stack Overflow Network, is subject to these policies and terms. In the case of arrays, the parameter evidently is the desired size. name If you use our website you completely understand the terms of service Terms Of Service ⚫ How to download YouTube videos from WapSpot. Summary Creating an array with the range operator n. Look for the orders of magnitude rather than exact numbers. Add($false)} } | Format-List -Property Ticks Ticks : 447133 PS> $al = New-Object System. dm_db_index_usage_stats GROUP BY database_id ORDER BY DB_NAME(database_id) – SQL_Underworld Dec 11 17 at 18:25 add a comment |  Found this over at MySQLtips - worked for me. I ve never needed to new up an array in PowerShell. baaad habit for when writing scripts that have to stick around. $arr1 = @(0) * 20 $arr2 = ,0 * 20 6,09442534 Very nice, I was trying to figure this out this morning and I think you gave the most concise way to initialize an array.

com/article/430 – halr9000 Nov 21 08 at 15:12 this is rad. 20 doesn t appear in anyone else s answer, or the question. Acknowledgements Thanks to @halr9000 for array*n, @Scott Saad and Lee Desmond for New-Object, and @EBGreen for ArrayList. It isn t technically an array then, though. ArrayList PS> Measure-Command -Expression { for($i=0; $i -lt 10000; $i++) {$al. Can someone explain what this is doing and what the * 20 is for. even when shelling i have to stop it and do it the right way sometimes. The download link will appear when the video conversion has been finished. 5) > $a 1 2 3 4 5 Hope this was somewhat helpful. – Peter Seale Oct 22 08 at 17:07 add a comment |  Yet another alternative: This one works if $arr isn t defined yet bitcoin exchange script nulled. ArrayList PS> Measure-Command -Expression { for($i=0; $i -lt 100000; $i++) {$al. – n0rd Jan 14 15 at 20:50 I do this method all the time, when shelling.

100000 } | Format-List -Property Ticks Ticks : 239863 Measure-Command -Expression { $a | % {$false} } | Format-List -Property Ticks Ticks : 102298091 Notes: $a=$null). The are a number of creative answers here, many I didn t know before reading this post. Testing was on a tablet with Atom processor; you would probably see faster speeds on other machines.Walton.
. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service bitcoin exchange script nulled. Stack Overflow This site uses cookies to deliver our services and to show you relevant ads and job listings. ] There was a fair bit of variation when I tried multiple runs. – Chris Sutton Nov 20 08 at 16:19 Thanks. But keep in mind that for many cases where you would want to initialize the array elements to some value, then a strongly-typed array is exactly what you need. Google 10 For example, the code generates the error Array assignment failed because index 0 was out of range. – David Mohundro Mar 9 15 at 17:02 4 This is not the proper way to do it. .VeChain.

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